Frequently asked questions

What staff can I hire on Amuse?

You can hire event managers, event setup, party packdown, waiters, barperson, dancers, musicians, hosts, DJs, chefs, entertainers and more.

What types of events can I host on Amuse?

Pretty much all types, from backyard BBQs to beach parties and birthdays, and from musical concerts to business dinners, fundraisers and more.

How much do Amuse Staffers typically charge?

Amuse is an on-demand marketplace. Staffers are free to decide their own rates. The price may be higher when there's more demand for event staff, you want to hire top talent, or when you have a low or no rating. You should try and negotiate the best price with the applicant you want to hire.

How do I know a staffer won't wreck or rob my event?

You can see the previous reviews and ratings of the applicants and communicate with them through the app without giving out your personal contact details. We have their verified details, so you have nothing to worry about.

What if a staffer doesn’t show up?

If an Amuse Staffer fails to show up or cancels the booking, the cancellation will appear on their profile and they may face difficulties being accepted for future event, and the event host will receive a full refund.

What if the host cancels an event?

If an event is cancelled after an Amuse Staffer has been confirmed, the event host will be liable for 50% of the agreed amount. Amuse will release the balance of the 50% to the Amsue Staffer after deducting our standard 14.4% service charge, and reimburse the remaining amount to the event host.

What if I'm not satisfied with a staffer's behaviour/performance?

Event hosts can provide thier feedback in the review, which is required at the end of each event. Negative reviews can damage the Amuse Staffer's future prospects of being hired.

How much money can an Amuse Staffer earn working events?

Amuse is an on-demand marketplace, which means you decide how much you are worth. You can quote the amount you will charge based on the following: Short notice - charge more Not many quotes - charge more Host has poor rating - charge more You have a 5 star rating - charge more

How do I know its a genuine event and not a prank?

You check the ratings and reviews of the host. If it's a new host, you can communicate with them on the Amuse app. Hosts always have to pay in advance, which would indicate they are a genuine event host.

Will my colleagues know Im moonlighting as an entertainer?

Not unless they happen to be at the same party! Noone can see an Amuse Staffers profile unless they apply for a event. You can communicate with the host using the Amuse app without giving out your personal details. Amuse is discreet and private.

Is it safe to work events on Amuse?

Event hosts have reviews so you can review pervious Amuse Staffers feedback. Plus, you have a panic button to alert up to 5 of your contacts in case you're not feeling comfortable. All Amuse Staffers "clock in" on the Amuse app when they arrive at an event and then must post a rating and review of the event host once the event is finished in order to "clock out".

How will Amuse Staff get paid?

When a event host hires and Amuse Staffer for a particular event, 100% of the mutually agreed amount is then held by Amuse. When an Amuse Staffer posts thier review at the conclusion of the event, the payment will be released to your bank account after deducting our standard 14.4% Amuse service charges, within 5 business days.

What if I can not make it to an event I was booked for?

The Amuse Staffer needs to cancel the event, and the cancellation will show on thier Amuse profile. A large number of cancellations may make you less likely to be hired for future events.

If i work an event, when will i get paid?

The money will be transfered to either your nominated bank acount or paypal account withing 5 business days following the event. Depending on your chosen account and bank, it will vairy as to when it will appear in your account.

Why use the app? Why not deal directly with the client and get paid directly by them?

By not using the app you don't get a chance to rate the event host or be rated by the event host. This degrades the process making ratings and review less effective which intern infulences the safety. By using the app the financial transaction is 100% guaranteed. Finaly the app also has a "clock on / off" function for accountability from both parties, plus the panic button for security. These are good reasons the app should be used for all events, communications and transactions. The Amuse app is Private, Safe and Secure.