The smarter way to host and / or work events

A Private, Safe and Secure way to connect anyone wanting to create an event with the most suitable staff. 


* Only available through the App Store, for use in NSW

Why Amuse Staff


Amuse Staff profiles are totally hidden until they choose to apply for an event.


Amuse Staff can make themselves visible on the app allowing anyone within 500m to tip them directly - no cash required.


100% of the agreed rate is held upfront for Amuse Staff. PayPal facilitates this process.

 S afe

Hosts and Amuse Staff communicate via the app. No personal contact details need be exchanged.

Panic Button

The  Amuse app has a panic button function, which is active throughout the duration of an event. This sends a text message to up to 5 contacts.

Verified Mobile

To create a profile mobile number are verified. This is used to assist with security and safety for both parties


Our upfront payment system and process ensures Amuse Staff will get paid.  No cash transactions.

Reviews & Ratings

Both Hosts and Amuse Staff receive ratings and reviews after each event. Keep your rating up to ensure more events opportunities.

GPS Checking

GPS tracking is another feature which is designed to ensure events take place at the agreed venue and ensure the safety and security of both parties.